Joker’s Wild…a murder mystery


Joker’s Wild, a murder mystery : Director – Producer – Editor Matthew Mallinson

“Even after all these years…This is still a brilliant short!”  LostSoul’s Video-Schmideo Channel

Paying homage to film noir, JOKER’S WILD is an award winning festival favorite, screened at the MONTREAL WORLD, CHICAGO, SANTA BARBARA, BALTIMORE, SAN FRANCISCO, COLUMBUS INTERNATIONAL, CLEVELAND, ATHENS INTERNATIONAL, SUFFOLK, and HEMISFILM festivals, with broadcasts on HBO-CINEMAX, SHOWTIME and the ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (A&E) network. It also had theatrical runs in New York and Los Angeles.

Most recently it won First Prize for BEST MYSTERY at the Home Grown Film Festival in Los Angeles and was featured in Motor City NIGHTMARES!!

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“Joker’s Wild” – Award winning murder mystery (excerpts) – Directed by Matthew Mallinson

An award winning murder mystery. It’s a festival favorite and award winner at the Montreal World, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Baltimore, San Francisco, Columbus International, Cleveland and Athens International film festivals and most recently the Los Angeles HG Film Festival where it won for “Best Mystery”.

It also had a theatrical run and was shown on HBO, Showtime and A&E.

Directed and produced by Matthew Mallinson

Media Recruiting Group – Promotional Spot – Camera & Editing by Matthew Mallinson

An organizational profile of a top, nationwide Digital Media Sales and Marketing executive search firm.

An example of a web clip for a fully developed corporate or business website and a corporate branding program as well.

Media Recruiting Group, a NY-based boutique executive search firm, chose us to make their initial foray into video promotion. The core goal of the program (and the other 2 web clips which we created) was to positively represent the company to potential candidates and to clients and prospects as well.

Created by Mark Gasper and Matthew Mallinson for Steve Goldberg, Risa Goldberg and the Media Recruiting Group.

“The Wrong Coast” – Producing by Matthew Mallinson

I was one of the producers of this offbeat stop motion animated series produced by Carl Paolino Studios for Bravo. I cut together this compilation of scenes from various episodes. The concept was to spoof popular television culture as well as popular movies, creating unlikely scenarios such as “Quentin Tarantino directs Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Woody Allen’s Spiderman”, “Gilligan’s Matrix”, The Sopranos as “The Brady Bunch”, Samuel L. Jackson hosts “Jeopardy” etc.

“Unforgotten – 25 Years after Willowbrook” – Editing by Matthew Mallinson

I was one of three editors who worked on this documentary. I also supervised the media management, color correction and tape to film conform to 35 MM. The first video is the trailer. The second video is the entire documentary (I’ve removed it since the performance has been erratic; it’s also a flash file so you may not see it on some mobile devices anyway).

“Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook” examines the impact that the horrors of Willowbrook had on the survivors and their families. Willowbrook took its toll not only on the survivors, but on the parents and siblings as well. “Unforgotten” takes us into the world of these families, revealing their sadness, frustrations and their attempt to come to terms with the day to day burden of living with the horrors that their loved ones had experienced.

It was a nightmare that shocked not only New York, but all of America. The public outcry about the Willowbrook State School (on Staten Island) for people with developmental disabilities resulted from Geraldo Rivera’s expose on WABC after he had entered Willowbrook with a film crew, using a stolen key.